This play is the first chance for PS3 gamers.

ThissThe Mass Effect trilogy is for Xbox 360 and PC on 6 November with a PlayStation 3 version to follow in a previously unspecified later date. This play is the first chance for PS3 gamers, the original Mass Effect. Your patience is the ability to either play the game on the trilogy, or invite them be rewarded separately from the PlayStation Network .


NEWS Mass Effect 3 ‘Omega’ DLC Details drawing surface.

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Also, email me if you want.The Mass Effect trilogy comes out this holiday season. All three of the Mass Effect games contain in a box for the incredibly low price of $ 59.99.coincide with the launch of the Mass Effect trilogy, BioWare will kick off the first annual N7 Day, a worldwide celebration in the Mass Effect franchise on 7 November 2012.


You can visit the official Mass Effect website for updates and announcements for a variety of in-game, online and live events, the fans can gather.- Kevin Costner enjoys a nice uptick in his career after the success of Hatfields & McCoys and scored a Nick Fury-esque role in Paramount Jack Ryan franchise . Now he has us on that streak continues, as Deadline reports Costner is to develop a multi-platform project called the Explorers Guild, which books books and a feature film in which he will star as well.


It’s a new adventure series that he hopes that both appeal to the young adult crowd and more mature audience and Costner is even brave enough to to the famous classics, as well as Arabian Nights More below .!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 comes out in theaters 16th November. For more information, photos and video can be found be found in our mix Film Database.Kevin Feige says that we see Dr.

Strange soon enough!Dr. Strangelove Dr . Strangelove, you ask? he is only the most powerful wizard in the whole Supreme Marvel Universe! comics comics can not know that there is a whole ‘magic kingdom ‘of the Marvel universe that we can not yet really seen.

The organization.

The organization, which in the aftermath of the 2009 earthquake destroyed much of destroyed much of the impoverished island nation shut down this summer during the investigation by the Attorney General of of New York State; founders rejected a settlement in which they ‘ d over $ 600,000 for each abuse the massive resources they collected since they launched in 2005, which the New York Times, pay to publish details of his dicey financial records .

Yele the criticism some times fallen for his seemingly misdirected expenditure, in 2011, reported the New York Post that the group spent only $ 5,000 relief efforts in 2010 Florida million $ 1 to a Florida organization, it seems to does not available. Jean furiously defended the group, although he is resigned its affiliates, as he run for president of Haiti.


He would be disqualified from the race because he lives in New Jersey. 2010, 2010, The Smoking Gun documents that the group showed payments totaling over $ 100,000 to alleged mistress Jean.Del Toro adaptation Animated Short ‘Alma’ at DreamWorks AnimLooks like Guillermo del Toro will already leading to a new way of DreamWorks.


Heat Vision reports that del Toro helps developing a full-length version of Rodrigo Blaas award-winning animated short film Alma . I’m not sure if many people got to see last year when it first premiered, but there is an embedded version of the full brief, which you can see below.


To help some workload off del Toro, helps co-direct his other new DWA project Troll Hunters.

Alma is about a young girl who is lured into an enchanted toy store, drawn in by its beautiful collection of dolls, including one that looks like it. They discovered too late that the business it is shameful intention addition its permanent collection. Blaas has the movie on his own time when he is not working at Pixar.

There is an impressive short for his own solo debut. I waited to see if it would get picked up, as it said the kind of short, you can see and immediately want more.


I just hope this does not get dumbed / / or tweaked by DreamWorks too much. I hope he keeps the character design and story is the same. Anyway Alma look down and get ready to see a feature-length version this short soon.The movie is a relentless experience of anxiety and tension , which will exhaust your mind.


Sitting in a dark theater with a full size, you can use a pin drop for most crucial moments in the film as each person is heard for hope is waiting at the other end of the phone or simply walk across the mountains of earth on the coffin .

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Conroy gasps of shock and awe associated with gasps from the audience. You would do yourself a disservice if you miss this unique and innovative history, make you even more afraid buried alive and hungrier than ever for the next project by Rodrigo Cort?

The fastest selling album of the year so far in the U.S., Mumford & Sons ‘Babel’ is. It will not debut.


1 later this week with sales of more than 600More of Noise11.Rodrigo Cort s delivers a box full of suspense with ‘Buried ‘of a dying cell phone battery, check out the unbearable customer service and officers who strikes hit like Conroy to keep unraveled its underground his underground status. A greedy terrorist took several American contractor hostage in order to negotiate a ransom from the government, and he has would not let her go soon. As Conroy tried every imaginable contact from a provided cell phone desperately trying to someone will find him and find him.

show co-host the hit reality Im a Celebrity Get me out of here!

Of his deathian Dirk Bach Dead at 51Other prominent roles including Pepe in the German version of Sesame Street, and finally, show co-host the hit reality I’m a Celebrity Get me out of here!The cause of death was not immediately known, but a police spokesman said there was no evidence of a crime.At the time of his death, Bach was in rehearsals for a theater production in Berlin . PrintIt a fixture on television with roles of ‘Sesame Street’was to host the reality show ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! ‘Self – trained Bach began in the independent theater scene in his hometown Cologne before the television, where he is one of the most famous and enduring faces on the small screen.

The rotund actor and entertainer national breakthrough came with the sitcom Luke on which he. A single father with his father and with his father and daughter The show, which ran for five seasons with with audiences and critics alike.


It was groundbreaking in German television in its depiction of homosexual characters and alternative lifestyles. Hehis immense popularity raise awareness for raise awareness for the many causes, especially the rights of gays and lesbians.

One of the first openly gay German celebrities, he was an active fundraiser for AIDS charities and a prominent spokesman for equal rights legislation.

GUEST PROGRAMMER Chris Carter presents. Murder by Decree, episodes of The X – Files and Millennium Eric Roth presented.


The insider Paul Feig presents. The Human Tornado Phil Rosenthal presents.But Colbert, however admirable, and his team for their seven-year duration of the class.


A A political satire, the consistently revelatory aspect of the show .

This is not just appropriate.

This is not just appropriate, he said, smiling slightly at such an explicit profession of undying love. Cianfrance spent five years working on from Pines before he shot Blue Valentine .


As he put it, he was interested in the idea of legacy .


Much of the movie raises the question of how much we are repeat the sins repeat the sins of our fathers, and to what extent we or our fathers can change that. In talking about his creative motivations described Cianfrance a destructive fire he feels he and his ancestors were born and. Fears the transfer, in addition to to his sons .

All helplessness came in spite of what is actually Gosling circumscribed role in the film.


He appears only in the first trimester , the remaining time will screen lover Bradley Cooper , and a number of young up-and-comers and Gosling in real life and on screen, Eva Mendes.


It is not that they. All supporting roles, rather leading roles in a number of featurettes.On the horizon Penn byeThe 54 – year-old superstar singer became famous actor 1985 to 1989. Their chemistry was off the charts, a concert-goer is .

Review: James Franco Rebel has a cause.

Size,Review: James Franco ‘Rebel’ has a cause, but only a minor effectThe time is spent in the blowzy exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art director Jeffrey Deitch organized would be more profitably spent watching the amazing movie.

Rebel Without a Cause is a bitter meditation on middle-class male – adolescent ennui in the wake of World War II trauma . The film and its legends are a formal template for Franco – installation.

A ghost – white motorcycle resting on the bottom of a small backyard swimming pool subpoena Marlon Brando, the actor first for Dean ‘s role ,, and the Wild Ones , the 1953 biker movie that opens the lock of youth crime films.


A short video Franco shows with the first name of the late actor Brad Renfro carved into his arm with a switchblade, also appear near Renfro was a troubled child who died in 2008, many young as in the earlier film cast .Ed after heroin found on tour bus ‘rapper Nelly was arrested after police found drugs and a loaded gun on his tour bus, it was alleged.The 37 – year-old Grammy winner, whose real name is Cornell Haynes Iral, Jr., was in Texas on Wednesday night, TMZ reports stated .enforcement sources say the site of his tour bus was stopped at a border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca.A police canine should have detected drugs in the vehicle.The police found 0.64 ounces of heroin and more than ten pounds of marijuana in a large duffel bag, said a source.A loaded.45 caliber pistol was reportedly seized in the search.The Hot in Herre singer was to take the bus with six other people at the time.All the passengers were arrested during the raid.prosecution sources said passenger Brian Keith Jones confessed to the drugs and gun were his and was placed under house arrest.Nelly and the other passengers since release from prison.The rapper spokesman not comment.

Director, and Branagh Finally shooting Thor in January next?We know Marvel is currently filming Iron Man 2 with Jon Favreau with Jon Favreau.


And we know that they will eventually have to The Avengers in 2012.


But what about Thor? It was pushed back all the way until 2011, allow more time for Kenneth Branagh and the creative team at Marvel, allowing things out .


But even if it is moved, says Branagh, he is on his way to start filming in January next year. IGN has recently with the actor / director, and got a very quick update.


I currently working on Thor for Marvel and we’re planning that one.

Alexei Balabanov also best director for is Ya tozhe Khochu at the St.

Alexei Balabanov also best director for is Ya tozhe Khochu at the St .


Petersburg International Film Festival in Russia excellent.MOSCOW the Latvian film Kolka Cool, directed by Juris Poskus captured the top prize of the St.

Petersburg International film Festival, which drew to a close in Russia ‘s second major city on September 29.

The jury, Serbian Serbian actor / director won the Best won the Best Actress prize at France ‘s family Dequenne for their role in Joachim Lafosse ‘s perdre la raison . Georgia Merab Ninidze collected the best actor award for his role in invasion, a German / Austrian coproduction by Georgia – born Dito Tsintsadze directed.High techark is He-Man Movie Potentially a masterpiece!Unlike the previous He-Man film, 1987, the Masters of the Universe, this one takes place on Eternia and tells of the formation of He-Man, the origin of Skeletor, and the origin of the power the sword. Apparently it’s a very hard and edgy PG-13, just before the more R-rated than anything.


Mayimbe Mayimbe also promises that the script is not a single blow comedic relief and more realistic and serious . Definitely great listen, but I’m still wondering if this has the makings of something tough like 300th A combination of high-tech, swords and creatures from other worlds, This film has the potential to quite unbelievable. But alas, it is up to Warner Brothers, into production into production and it is up to whoever Joel Silver chooses as a director in order of the script.


Of the script. Since I have not read it yourself, we rely completely on El Mayimbe word this time. However,so highly it last night and its rating is so excited that I can not help be excited for it as well.


I would really love to see this come together, as I could nostalgic for another great door 80 is open as Transformers done think.

I am happy if I get to be a film director.

SAN SEBASTIAN, Spain Tommy Lee Jones raised his Donostia Lifetime Achievement Award in San Sebastian late Thursday night.I am happy if I get to be a film director. I have a visual life and I am happy when I am . To do it It’s hard to get these jobs to get, Jones said at the press conference But I’m going with my next project on 25 Begin March in northeast New Mexico.


It is always a beautiful new world, behind the camera.

As the festival drew to a close, the first Euro-Latin American co-production forum was abuzz with activity and industry insiders.Restless in Seattle approve musicians strike authorizationSeattle follows in the footsteps of other American orchestras addressing labor and financial problems, especially the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, where musicians went on strike for 48 hours last month.

Orchestras in Philadelphia, Detroit, Indianapolis and Atlanta just as well to fight the financial and compensation challenges.Has been linked .anning on directing his own film about Gertrude BellBack in February we learned that the director Werner Herzog was looking for Naomi Watts in Queen of the Desert, the true story of British woman Gertrude Bell, who was a famous traveler poured, writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer, and political fix? for the British Empire in the early 20th Century. Now Deadline reports Ridley Scott has just set The Constant Gardener screenwriter Jeffrey Caine to write a screenplay about Bell to draw for him.


Scott and producer Giannina Facio for Scott Free think this will be a great role for an actress really spread their wings and show their talent to be.

Thursday came the news that wheeze, he is no longer at Chez Witherspoon is actually still on the looseAny concerns about Kristen Stewart career after her cheating scandal with director Rupert Sanders put to rest put to rest: The actress has landed a cool new role.


– Initially coveted by Jennifer Lawrence, which is part of Stewart seen Peyton struggles with a Baby Jane – style sibling relationship with a crippled sister.The Lovely Boneso takes his Top 8 Films of 2009 Tarantino’s Top 8 Movies of 2009: 1 Star Trek 2nd Drag Me to Hell 3. Funny People 4th Up 5 In The Air Chocolate sixth Observe & Report 7 Precious eighth An Education .

A play on a troubled young 18-year old girl named Angelina , which is centered in San Francisco, where moved moved directed directed with a cocaine – addicted lawyer.Teaser poster teaser poster for Disney’s ‘Wreck – It Ralph ‘ is 8 – bits of AwesomeRich Moore will steer Wreck – It Ralph, the story of an 8 – bit video game character struggling with his own identity with the villainous world of arcade games. Reilly voices the title character to be a hero be a hero, but ends up unleashing a deadly enemy who destroy only any game in the arcade .


Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch and Sarah Silverman all lend their voices to the film, scheduled to be released on the 2nd November met in 3D. You interested?

At best could get from ‘Jurassic Park 4 ‘Back Extinction?Honestly, if Spielberg is involved, and hopefully directing , count me in. My biggest concern is my biggest concern is that we not special effects and creatures wizard Stan Winston bring about these prehistoric animals to life.


Jurassic Park is in my among my top 20 favorite movies of all time, and the sequels are, unfortunately, at best, lackluster.

Trump later appeared on the Fox News Channel.

Trump later appeared on the Fox News Channel, where he was pressed for more details about his announcement. Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson asked if he would election election to which Trump responded Perhaps .


Asked if there is a revelation about the President personal life or how he would govern, said Trump both.


Geffen Playhouse, 10886 Le Conte Avenue, Westwood. $ 37 – $ 77 .

Cheryl fortune overcame her ordeal completely and is back to full health.


My Story, the British newspaper The Sun serialising is: – The former X Factor UK judge a tell-all autobiography is, Cheryl wrote . – For four days, Derek and I had been on a safari to Tanzania in June, was was not this spontaneous, but turned my whole world upside down and it felt like all the rules changed I had had no husband .? any responsibility, so why should not I .

The group took a break in 2009, but they confirmed the release of new material and will perform on UK TV show Strictly Come Dancing.She believes the turmoil of her personal life made her his inconsiderate than usual.The 29-year contracted malaria in 2010, after a trip to Tanzania with her dancer friend Derek Hough. And that is what I did,’she writes.Sound Mixing The Curious Case of Benjamin Button The Dark Knight Slumdog Millionaire Wall-E wantedactress Anne Hathaway – Rachel Getting Married Angelina Jolie – Changeling Melissa Leo – Frozen River Meryl Streep – Doubt Kate Winslet – The ReaderThe 81st Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, February at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood with a live broadcast airing on ABC from 20.00 clock .


Read on for the full list of 2009 nominees.

Although Halo is no longer in production for a film version, is another incredibly popular franchise – Gears of War! New Line Cinema has bought the feature rights to the Microsoft game for the Xbox 360, fitted with Stuart Beattie , writing, but writing, but not a director yet.


It will be produced by the same guys behind companies and other films such as The Nativity Story, The Flight of the Phoenix, Robot, and Behind Enemy Lines.His wife,rtin Gwyneth surprises with DJThe female spinner ‘ real name Kaajal Bakrania ‘ began to play in the British club when they was just 15 and is one of the best new artists in scratch .

Chris Martin provided further entertainment by being serenaded his wife with his own version of Take That back for good.Chris Martin flew his favorite DJ to Italy for on the 40th Birthday Gwyneth Paltrow to perform.On the boat party, Chris showed the the DJ, since both he and his wife, she enjoyed listening to show which is broadcast on British radio.For the last few years the list of nominees and winners, which include most precious among just about everything as well as Crazy Heart, right click here. Through the Gift Shop Through the Gift Shop to leave – ‘Mr. Brainwash ‘was there all act crazy .

Tracing became in the second half of the pop titan s life for sport supermarket gossip rags.

Tracing became in the second half of the pop titan ‘s life for sport supermarket gossip rags, as they struggle with substance abuse.


The headlines came fast and furious when her life came to an end in their hotel room at the Beverly Hilton hours before the annual pre – Grammy mentor Clive Davis’ gala.

Destructive. On Our Own’an uncomfortable, intrusive watchComments are filtered for language and registration is required.


The Times makes no guarantee of comments ‘ factual accuracy readers inappropriate comments the link the link abuse to report next to a comment Here are the full legal terms you agree with this comment form.Has not just the Feinstein Great American Songbook kept alive by his performances, but he is also an outstanding musical archivist and historian.


In 2000, the Library of Congress appointed him to the National Recording Preservation Board . The Michael Feinstein Great American Songbook Initiative, located in Carmel, Indiana, their existence.


Preservation and exhibition of artifacts related to the songbook and education young people about the importance of music His latest project is the book and CD The Gershwins and Me:. A Personal History in twelve songs Fools Rush In , recorded in 1940, 1947 and 1960: is Fools Rush In , which he re – interpreted over the decades has been much deeper in its later reception he.

For a high note, almost almost from the charts I hear that section of the song, and it always opens my heart and I feel this moment of joy when you realize someone else turns their existence.

You Make Me Feel So Young , as in 1956 included:. From a from a[1946] movie.

Basu: Absolutely.

Basu: Absolutely. People laugh and cry because of the music. Half of the credit goes to the composer Pritam who .

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Do a great job, both did the songs and background score.

Presale is tickets for Gary Barlow at 09.00 clock on Thursday, November for for signed signed up to Little Noises ‘backstage at So Mencap if you do not want miss one of the one of the most successful singer-songwriters in British history, sign up for pre – sale!Money, but itirport presents giant Gollum SculptureThe Wellington Airport officially revealed a huge sculpture of Gollum at the weekend, that would depend on passengers as they into in and out of the country? The 12-meter monster more than four months over four months Weta Workshop, and it was as a reminder as a reminder to the rest the world why New Zealand offers exciting opportunities for filmmakers want to shoot in an exotic place and a celebration of the one month conceived Hobbit its world premiere .

This might seem like an incredible waste of money, but it ‘s about much more than just the hobbit? Hollywood took notice of how well New Zealand treats those working on The Lord Of The Rings, and when it came to film this trio of films, there was little question of D at the end. On the road, shoot.

Filmmakers and studio managers are going to find out where to spend their money, and when the time comes she? Will remember how they went Hobbit shoot.

It is not more advertising than good hospitality and people feel good about themselves.Itwn ‘ in contact with ex ‘Chris he Karrueche Karrueche divided last Thursday, after a week seen seen canoodling with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in public.


It ‘s just too painful to go there as well at that point Karrueche just want a break from all of this drama, and she knows that Chris wants what he can not have, continued the source. Karrueche thinks Chris has a lot of mature he must do, and they can not trust him .


Chris Brown has reportedly been in constant communication with his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

The source claimed that Karrueche would not consider himself again with the 23 – year-old singer.